Throwback Thursday: When the iPad first launched


Remember when the iPad first came out? It was the third of April, 2010. Apple called it ‘Magical and revolutionary’. So now the big questions are: did we think so as well? And how do we look back on it now?

Man using an iPad. You only see his torso and hand holding the device, not his face.

Our review was posted by Tjeerd de Boer, the owner of User Intelligence, on the fourth of August, 2010. So, this was a few months after the launch of the iPad and now, it’s almost 14 years old.


So let’s get into the time machine and take a look at the past, preferably on your iPad if possible: De (p)review van de iPad by Tjeerd de Boer.

The article

Woman using digital tablet on a couch
young businessman sitting on a bench corridor outside using a digital tablet

So, were the predictions any good?

In the end, we predicted that the iPad would in time be a hit with a larger audience and as we now know, it definitely was!


In addition, many of the proposed improvements were indeed implemented by Apple as well over time, to make the experience even better. End good, all good!

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