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Problems are often opportunities in disguise, so let’s talk about what we can do for you. We offer several solutions, including Customer Research, Experience Testing and ResearchOps.

Customer Research

A man on a yoga mat in front of an iPad and his daughter playing on his back in a livingroom.

What is it?

Most organisations already know a lot about their customers, but the information is scattered around the company.

Customer research will help you to paint an explicit and rich picture of your customer early in the project to help you create products and services that match their needs.

Experience Testing

A researcher and a participant in front of a kitchen at the kitchen table, whilst they're looking at a tablet.

What is it?

When you want to go to market or you’re looking into existing products or services, you want to be sure the experience your providing is top notch.

Experience testing looks at the interaction between the user your product or specific touchpoints. We’ll rigorously test the situation with real participants and provide you valuable design insights.


Two women and one man high-fiving, in a workshop room with a board and a screen on the wall. They're surrounded by Post-Its and in the middle of the table is a music box.

What is it?

Great research happens when your research infrastructure is taken care off. We’ll make that infrastructure happen through our ResearchOps services.

Our specialties


Design should be an enabler, not a barrier. Inclusivity is vital to reaching untapped markets and potential customers. Our researchers keep inclusivity at the top of their minds, and our publications demonstrate why and how.

Global insights

When your product is crossing borders, cultural differences impact your bottom line. Luckily, we’ve got you covered as a UXalliance partner. These publications will bring those global insights to your doorstep.

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