Showing off the
Empathy Lab at FedEx


As inclusiveness is a true passion of ours, getting to inspire people through our Empathy Lab is always a party. And this time, it was party time at the FedEx headquarters.

To show the entire UX department what it’s like to live with disabilities, we brought the Empathy Lab to the FedEx headquarters together with the Inclusivity Champion of FedEx – Marli Ritters. From researchers to designers, everyone was able to check out the lab. 

A full day of inclusiveness

Taking the insights into the future

Through different exercises, participants told us what insights they found surprising and how they could use them in their daily work. 


On top, we gathered insights on sticky notes and documented them digitally, so the organisation could build on the insights. This way, FedEx took a great step towards getting everyone involved in inclusivity. If you’d like to know more about it, we also wrote a case about it for you to enjoy!

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