Prinses Máxima Centre: New build for patients, family and staff

The Princess Máxima Center (PMC) for paediatric oncology aims to provide the best possible care to children with cancer and their families. The logistical plan for the new construction of PMC had to be re-evaluated and enriched with the needs and desires of patients, guests and staff.

The centre had already made a plan for the new building. However, they were still missing some crucial user insights. Therefore they needed more actionable information to improve and finalise their plans.

Goal: User insights to include all users

A focus group at work with faces blurred

Approach: From insights to recommendations

  • Focus group: discussion with (former) patients and parents of (former) patients.
  • Journey mapping: mapping out a day in the life of a patient or parent at the hospital.
  • Analysis: synthesise data into insights mapped on the proposed floorpan.
  • Present: recommendations for new construction that meets the needs of patients, guests and staff.

Results: Improving the floor plan with user insights

We delivered a floor plan with the needs of all users involved mapped. This allowed the Princess Máxima Centre to improve their floor plan before construction.

Report insight:“Hospitals are enormously dynamic and have a wide variety of users. Therefore, flexibility is essential, even within a single space. The floor plan needs to accommodate for all.”

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