Research with
Older Adults

Older Adults are a significant customer group with a lot of business value for most B2C companies. However, they’re often overlooked in the design process.



One reason is that many companies haven’t explicitly decided about Older Adults (65+) as a potential target audience. 


Another reason is that many teams don’t know where to start with their research. Should they recruit a few older people in every study, for example? And what age range should they pick? 

How does this
multi-client research work?

As with all big things in life, it’s important to take the first stepSome companies are able to invest a substantial budget for design and research activities. That’s great! 


However, most companies prefer to take a small step first, which allows them to better understand the costs and benefits.


But how do you take an inexpensive first step? By doing multi-client research! 2 or 3 companies share the costs of one study, allowing each to address a few research questions.


This gives you an easy start to research with Older Adults, without breaking the bank. We will run a multi-client Online Experience Test with a group of Older Adults. And yes, your company could be part of it.

Quick insights,
minimal investment

What do we ask from you

What will you receive

How does it work?

It’s quite easy to join in on our next session. Here are the steps:

Apply as soon as possible. 

First come, first serve!

We’ll have an online chat about your research questions and planning

We’ll test your product or service with the older test participants.

We’ll present the research insights to your team so you can decide on next steps

Apply now!

If you’re interested in gaining insights for your product or service at a low price, please contact us at Or if you have questions, you can call us at 020-4084296We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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