Municipality of Tilburg:
Save costs through testing

With 140,000 annual calls, Tilburg municipality aimed to cut costs by improving their website.

We tested the redesigned site, focused on whether information could be found more easily.

Goal: Reducing calls to save costs

Man with a cape at a desk on a computer

Tilburg’s residents participated in a User Test, performing 7 key tasks (top tasks) on a website prototype in the shopping street.

The Municipality’s design team observed the tests live from the municipality.

Approach: Testing on location

Man with a cape at a desk on a computer
Better experience for civilians
Save costs
3 screens of the website of the Municipality of Tilburg with the toptasks in the top and then forms to make appointments.

The website hit the mark! Civilians were able to perform the right actions right away. Therefore, the municipality were able to go live with certainty.


Most civilians also indicated to likely go to the website when they have questions, before trying to call.

Results: Easy to find information saves costs

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