Joining Experience Boosters


After years of membership of the UXalliance, we’ve now also joined a Dutch Experience Design network: Experience Boosters!

Throughout the years, Global Research has always been a passion of ours that we’ve been able to pursue thanks to our membership in the UXalliance


However, we never lost sight of our Dutch clients. To service them better, we’ve now joined a network of specialists that easily connects clients to different specialists. We now solely focus on UX Research and our partners will take care of the rest, like interim professionals you can hire or more strategic help. 

The beginning of a new era

People raising their glasses and eating pie to celebrate Experience Boosters

Into the future together

We’re excited to see what interesting projects we’ll be able to do together with our partners. If you’re excited to, please keep an eye out on the website of the network or Experience Boosters’ LinkedIn. Or just come to our office for a drink sometime and cheers with us on the future!

Let's have a coffee

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