Global research

Many of our clients operate on a global scale and thus, they’re in need of global research. That’s why we scale up with them. Doing research in other countries requires special skills. What skills? Let us tell you…

Researching on a global scale requires many changes in the normal protocol. Whereas the research methods might be similar, executing them is a whole different ballgame.


Of course, you could do it remote, but for the best results, you need people on the ground that understand the participants in their own language. Thanks to our membership in the UXalliance, we have connections all over to take care of this.

What is Global Research?

From inside a car, you see grass and a tent and people in front
In Zambia, doing a user test in the wilderness, because the road had flooded and this was the only way to get to the participant.

When is Global Research for you?

We bring you to the world, but we also bring the world to you. So, if you need to scale up your research to include other countries or if you’d like to use global insights to improve your local product or service, we’re here for you. 


Especially when doing research in another country, as the risks you’re taking are even greater. Because you have less prior knowledge of the user, you need someone to navigate the field with you. That’s where we come in.

What can we do for you?

All our solutions can be scaled to a global level. We can help you do Customer Research globally, like doing diary studies in multiple countries. We also often do user tests in multiple countries at the same time. 

But, you can also count on us for your ResearchOps needs, like recruitment across the border. We are you first point of contact when it comes to the UXalliance, so you know exactly who you need to finish the job.

Woman calling with a world map in the background

So do you want us to bring the world to your doorstep?

Contact us and we’ll tell you all about the possibilities over a nice cup of (digital) coffee.