FedEx: A big step towards inclusive design

A UX researcher and a UX designer showcasing our Empathy Lab: a big blue banner and tables with the tools on them.

Creating an environment in which inclusive design is the standard can be difficult, especially if not everyone is fully interested in the subject yet. 


That’s why FedEx asked us to bring our Empathy Lab to the work floor. This way, employees were able to try out what it is like to have certain disabilities themselves and get inspired to create inclusive designs themselves.

Goal: Increasing empathy and gaining insights

Our researcher Nancy is explaining to 2 people how to use the tools and why it's important.
A person using the arthritis glove to feel how difficult bending fingers is to use your phone when you have arthritis.

Approach: The Empathy Lab

First we assisted in preparing the day that the Empathy Lab would be brought to FedEx’s office. Then, during the day itself, we let people try out the tools simulating:

  • Blindness
  • Dyslexia
  • Hand Motor Issues
  • A variety of visual impairments

Employees got to perform personalised tasks that showed them how difficult certain digital tools are to use when you’re disabled. We also created a reflective feedback wall where participants could share their learnings.

With the documented insights from the Reflective Feedback Wall, FedEx is able to continue their inclusiveness journey with even more passion and knowledge than before.

Awareness of the importance of inclusive design was heightened throughout the organisation and pain points were identified. Now, it is up to the researchers and designers there to follow up on them.

Results: Actionable insights and a common goal

“The Empathy Lab is an excellent way to create accessibility awareness and an understanding of the impact if it is not considered early on.” 

Marli Ritter

Accessibility Champion & UX Designer at FedEx

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