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Looking for a UX Research specialist?

Our mission is to give you customer insights that improve your products and services. This will make your customers happy and also improve your business results.


We’ve been doing UX Research since 2002, so we can claim to be a specialist. Is that bragging? Absolutely. And we’ve got more where that came from…

Our solutions

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Customer Research

Understanding your customers and their environment is essential. To create a full picture, we collect existing knowledge and add new insights.
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Experience Testing

By testing your products and services, we help to make sure you give the right experience to your customers. Done right, this will save you a lot of money. 

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Conducting research involves a lot of operational tasks. To increase the efficiency of your team, they need to focus on their core activities. And leave the rest to us. 

Our specialties

UX research is our passion, but we go above and beyond do global research projects or help to create inclusive designs. No matter which solution you choose, we can help you out on these specialties.

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Our vision

A good customer experience is the best business strategy. That’s why design should be customer-centred. Obviously, this requires customer insights throughout the design process. That’s where we come in…

Our community

Passion is nice and all, but it’s even better when we get to share our passion. Here’s where we share our knowledge, tell you what’s been happening at the office and which fun events are upcoming.

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Some of our awesome clients

We love our work and it shows. But, we couldn’t do our jobs without our awesome clients. 

So, let’s give them a round of applause.